Holds Cleaning:

This is organization of cleaning, proper instructions, control and permanent monitoring in time of cleaning/washing of holds in the port or during the ship´s crossing to the port of loading. The presence of representative of company International Marine Office. when the crew wash the holds, will help you to avoid any delay, the holds of your vessel will be clean and be ready for loading at the earliest possible date.

Holds Cleaning by Shore Cleaning

Gang in all Egyptian ports:

Our company has got a shore gangs for cleaning holds in the ports or on the roadstead in all ports of Egypt. The shore cleaning gang is equipped with the high pressure machines, cherry pickers, falseworks and other proper equipment for the cleaning/washing. The cleaning/washing of each cargo hold, hatches and bilges takes abt.  hours. This is 100 % guarantee that holds of your vessel will be clean and ready for inspection in the port of loading.

Holds Painting by Shore Cleaning Gang:

After cleaning and washing we can provide holds painting with the high pressure sprayers and special equipment. Our gang prepare surface for painting properly, the paint will hold on the surface for a long time. This is good decision for preparation of your holds for inspection, especially if the holds have penetrating of previous CARGO. The painting of each hold takes abt. 12 hours.

Holds Inspection:

Joint inspection of holds, which is carried out together with representatives of the Port and Shipper/Consignee, is the assistance and protection of your interests. We will describe and demonstrate you the state of holds with photos, and we will do our best for positive result during inspection. It´s a real chance for passing the holds inspection from the very first.